About Pilates

joseph lapateasePilates is a series of exercises developed more than 70 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates. These exercises can be done on a mat where you create your own resistance. They can also be done on a Pilates Machines using spring resistance. All of these exercises will strengthen the core muscles of your body’s center (abdominals and postural muscles), lengthen your spine, build muscle tone, and enhance your flexibility. In addition, we join Joseph Pilates in developing mind-body awareness such that you will move with ease.

Visit our page on Joseph Pilates to learn about the historical devlopment of the personal fitness method simply known world-wide as "Pilates"

"In ten sessions, you will feel a difference;
In twenty sessions, you will see a difference,
and in thirty sessions, you will have
an entirely new mind/body awareness.”
-- Joseph Pilates, inventor of the Pilates method of physical fitness

Pilates can improve the lives of people of all ages, health, and fitness levels. The Pilates Machines and exercises are designed to isolate the muscles being worked, control the workload, and eliminate stress on joints.

Pilates is ideal for:

    • individuals who are injury-prone
    • individuals who are currently recovering from injury
    • anyone wanting to improve their daily activities or sport of interest.